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The Future of Integrity in Education Workshop in Albania

Updated: May 22

On 2 December 2023, at Moikom Zeqo Library , Tirana the workshop titled "Integrity in Education," was conducted with a series of engaging activities aimed at fostering critical thinking about the future of education and exploring the factors that could shape it.

The workshop's objective was to cultivate and encourage critical thinking about the future and to explore the various factors that may shape it collectively. Participants engaged in a participatory and interactive process, using methods and tools from the field of future studies, wherein they will create four different worlds, considering specific parameters, and thus four different scenarios for alternative futures of ‘Integrity in Education.’

The workshop was designed to be highly interactive, utilizing future studies methodologies to envision and discuss various scenarios regarding integrity in education.

Participants included young individuals aged 15-18, teachers, and parents, all engaging actively in the process guided by two trainers. In the workshop in Tirana, participated 21 students, 3 parents of teens and 10 teachers making the workshop really successful.

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