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Integrity in Greek Education in 2040 Workshop

On October 25, 2023, a significant workshop from the Future Integrity Leaders project took place at the 1st Junior High School of Oraiokastro, Greece. This event aimed to stimulate critical thinking on the future landscape of education and to dive into the influences that could redefine it.

The workshop included parents, students, and teachers from the host school alongside representatives from the project's coordinating body, Fraud Line as well as from the partner organization FORTH, both based in Greece. Employing interactive methods and tools, the participants engaged in futures research to construct "four different worlds." These worlds were based on megatrends predicted to impact various aspects of life over the next decade and a half, thereby crafting four unique educational scenarios.

In their teams, participants shared insights on how education and training might evolve due to factors like technological advancements and digitalization, globalization coupled with demographic shifts, environmental and climate crises, pandemic scenarios, and intergenerational differences in values and perspectives.

The workshop's primary goal was to nurture a forward-thinking mindset and collaborative examination of the factors that could shape future educational paradigms. Through a dynamic and participatory approach grounded in Futures Studies, the participants explored and defined four visionary scenarios for the future of 'Integrity in Education.'

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