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Future of Integrity in Education Workshop in Bulgaria

Updated: May 22

On November 8, 2023, an international working meeting - seminar on the Future Integrity Leaders project was held at PGEA, Sofia Bulgaria. The aim of the workshop was to provoke and encourage critical thinking about the future of education and to explore the various factors that can shape and change it.

The participants - parents, students and teachers from PGEA - together with representatives of the project coordinator - Fraud Line, Greece - got involved in future research using interactive methods and tools. They created "four different worlds" according to specific parameters - megatrends that will affect the future of people in all areas of life in the next 10-15 years. In this way, four different scenarios for an alternative future also emerged in the field of education.

The participants worked in teams and presented their views on the future of education and training as a result of technological changes and digitization, globalization and growing demographic problems, climate challenges and problems related to environmental protection, pandemic situations, differences between generations and their values and attitudes.

The workshop's objective was to cultivate and encourage critical thinking about the future and to collectively explore the various factors that may shape it. Participants were engaged in a participatory and interactive process, using methods and tools from the field of Futures Studies, wherein they created four different worlds, taking specific parameters into consideration, and thus they created four different scenarios for alternative futures of ‘Integrity in Education.’

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