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"Future Integrity Leaders" program Pilots “Hot Potato Game” in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki.

Updated: May 22

The innovative "Future Integrity Leaders" program was featured at the “1st Introductory Festival for Middle and Elementary Schools in Oreokastro”. Here, the "Hot Potato" game was showcased for the first time in a pilot phase as part of the program’s development. Designed to enhance leadership and integrity, "Hot Potato" provides a unique educational experience through interactive and engaging gameplay.

Innovative Gameplay

Selected students from two schools in the Thessaloniki area participated in this initial phase, experiencing the game’s dynamic blend of quick decision-making and ethical challenges. "Hot Potato" challenges players to make swift choices under time pressure, fostering skills that are essential in real-life situations.

Positive Feedback

The pilot event received enthusiastic responses from students and teachers alike, with many appreciating the game’s approach to teaching integrity in a fun and engaging way. The teachers also received insights into the broader goals of the "Future Integrity Leaders" project, understanding its potential impact on educational methods.

Future Prospects

Encouraged by the successful pilot in Oreokastro, we are now planning to refine "Hot Potato" based on the feedback received. Our goal is to expand its reach to more schools and student groups, broadening the game’s influence.

Stay Updated

Stay connected for further updates on the "Future Integrity Leaders" project and developments related to the "Hot Potato" app game.

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